About Our event    

We have a very relaxed and loosely structured weekend. There will be some breakout sessions for writing inspiration as well as insight into the writing field and such sprinkled throughout. However, the focus is on spending time together, games, conversations and occasionally practicing Nerf boarding actions. Crochet occurs and other crafty bits depending on who is working. Some bring sewing machines for cosplay repair and construction.  We have not been called RelaxaCon for nothing!

There are no strangers, only friends we have not met yet.


The Punch Brothers cover version of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald – 2022


Great Lakes Ships have always been represented at Steading Days in flags, imagery and decorations. The Stead Holder is a Great Lakes researcher and historian and has been so for more than 50 years. Many of his photographs have been published over the years.

Eustachian for Steadholder Fitzgerald
The Key is representative of the Office of Stead Holder. The bear is a Grayson native species found within Fitzgerald Steading. The blue eyes are for the Stead Holder who has blue eyes.

Stead Holder Fitzgerald (right) with his father Ken (left) waiting to board the Stead Holder’s first ship he worked on. 

Port Inland, MI August 1991.


Ship Crest of HMS Saladin
HMS Saladin Crest, the original South Carolina Chapter. Founded November 2, 2013.
Escort Division 06 Crest
Consists of HMS Duke of Cromarty (RY-05), HMS Saladin (DD-515), and HMS Reuben James (DD-570). Founded October 31, 2015.
HMS Duke of Cromarty
HMS Duke of Cromarty is the Royal Yacht of the Manticoran Queen, Elizabeth III. Founded October 31, 2015
Edward L. Ryerson unloading at Indian Harbor, Indiana
Edward L. Ryerson unloading at Indiana Harbor, Indiana October 1991. The Ryerson is the 2nd boat the Stead Holder worked on.

What Adventures await…