What is the Dress Code for the banquet?

     Smart Casual, Uniforms or Cosplay.


Is there a single day rate?

     At this time there is not a single day rate.


Is there a limit to NERF weapons for the Boarding Actions?

     All NERF weapons will be evaluated by a member of the Boarding Action team.

     Eye protection MUST be worn at all times during a Boarding Action or Duel.

     Due to limited space NERF will be limited to target shooting and duels for 2023.


Do I need to be a member of the TRMN to attend Steading Days?

     Absolutely not.  Anyone is welcome to attend, and no fan group membership is required.


When do I need to purchase my banquet ticket/s by?

     You need your tickets purchased before October 14, 2023, as they go OFF sale on October 15th.  After that weekend passes will           still be available.


Can I pay for my Banquet Ticket at the door as I have done in past years?

     Yes you may – you MUST make arrangements with Angela S. Clayton to do so at Graysonlady13@gmail.com.