Philip A. Clayton

Steadholder Fitzgerald

Angela S. Clayton

Lady Fitzgerald

rayanne mcclellen-staubly

Lady pittman

arasin tyne-mcclellen staubly

pittman armsman

Katie Barnette

Grayson Space Navy

greg barnette

royal maniticoran navy


Nakato japanese restaurant

1776 cheshire bridge road ne  Atlanta, GA

A favorite of Stead Holder Fitzgerald and his Lady, Nakato was the natural choice to celebrate the founding of the newest Grayson Steading.  On November 4, 2018 (4049 by the Grayson calendar) the six of us; Phil, Angi, Rayanne, Arasin, Katie and Greg sat and feasted on Sushi, Suki Yaki, Tempura, and a few seasonal dishes.  So, the 4049 club was founded by the original six.  

Nakato Japanese Restaurant

Nakato founded 1972

  • Check for monthly specials
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  • Authentic Japanese Cuisine
  • Valet Parking Available

“One of the best Japanese restaurants we have ever been to. The traditional menu is varied and absolutely fresh.”