Friends became family

A relaxing gathering of FRIENDS, makers and creators


The concept for Steading Days was born of a love of Grayson from David Weber’s Honor Harrington Universe. Also, the elevation of Phil Clayton to the first Stead Holder Fitzgerald on November 3, 2018 (4049 by the Grayson Calendar). The Stead Holder has been awarded the Star of Grayson along with a PMV for Lady Fitzgerald and a PMV for Regent Steven Firestine in 2015 for saving David Weber’s life.

What began as a simple dinner at Nakato for six in Atlanta, Georgia in 2018, grew into a meet up and dinner of 42 people at Keowee Key in Salem, South Carolina in 2019. Now also known as Family Con (coined by Jonny Minion) we have become a gathering of friends that leave as a family.  With an awards banquet centered on Escort Division 06 (3rd Fleet TRMN), with uniforms, cosplay or smart casual dress on Saturday night.  Come join us and renew a friendship or make a new one or two.  Come and relax with new friends.